Are Moroccan wool rugs soft?

Discover the rich heritage and craftsmanship behind Moroccan wool rugs

Made from the finest sheep wool, these rugs boast a unique softness, warmth, and coziness. Handwoven by Berber women through generations, these plush rugs not only offer a touch of luxury but also tell tales of Moroccan culture, history, and artistry. Dive into the intricate patterns and stories that make Moroccan rugs a globally sought-after decor piece.

Moroccan wool rugs are soft 

Moroccan style rugs and their softness are totally dependent on the type of wool they are made of. Practically, these rugs are made from sheep wool. The sheep wool is specially taken from the sheep that Moroccan tribes pet in their own farms and houses.

These sheep wool are used to make Moroccan rugs and this is the main reason why Moroccan rugs are soft, plush, and comfortably warm and cozy at the same time. Moroccan wool rugs are unique in every style. Their calming colors and unique patterns are the sought-after ones for most of the rug enthusiasts. These hand-knotted soft rugs are originated from the Atlas Mountains where the weather remained cold and breezy.

Brief History of the Moroccan wool rugs

If you are looking for the luxurious carpet in the whole world, then surely it is going to be one made from the Moroccan region. The Moroccan rugs which are originally made from Morocco are highly valued as they have a synthetic appearance and are used for sacred places.


The Berber women have been weaving these soft plush Moroccan rugs from ages and about 622 AD. The granddaughters and female weavers learn this beautiful art of weaving just by seeing them weaved. Since childhood, they witness the effort and pattern that are induced in them to pass on to their generations.

Moroccan rugs were initially made for household purposes. Whenever someone visited their houses, their walls, floors, beds and even entrance mats were made from this soft plush sheep wool.


Time passed and this wool weaving made its value in the commercial market and the world knows Moroccan rugs with their soft and warm feel with unique minimalist designs.

Types of Moroccan rugs

The most common types of Moroccan rugs include:

  • Boucherouite
  • Beniourain
  • BeniMguild
  • Boujad
  • Tribal Kilims

The designs with the excellence of impression are the evidence of ivory shag structure. The most captivating Moroccan rugs are the ones with a vintage look and feel. These vintage rugs are thought to be authentic and guaranteed Moroccan rugs.

Patterns of the Moroccan rugs

Moroccan rugs are known because of their unique designs and patterns instilled with beautiful natural colors. Some of the famous rugs with patterns are the Moroccan Berber rugs which have patterns included Zigzag, Checks, Stars, Triangles, and Crisscross symbols.

Some other famous patterns are Dragons, Camels, Cupids, Judaic Motifs, Fish, Shah Abbas Design, Human and Animal figures, Greek keys, and many more.

Moroccan style rugs have patterns according to their origin. They are unique because every rug weaver describes its own tales through unique patterns. This simply means that every rug has a story behind it to unfold.

 These intricate and secret patterns enhance the overall beauty of the carpet with bright colors and vibrant styles. Moroccan rugs can be easily used at any place in the house.

If you are after a rug that can be used at your hall then you should go for a darker base rug so it will stay safe longer.