Are Moroccan Rugs Hard To Clean?

If you are a homemaker and have a Moroccan rug, then you must be wondering after a party that how to clean the rug. If it’s your first time then you also may be wondering if it is hard to clean a Moroccan rug.
Well, it is quite easy to clean your Moroccan rugs. You just need some household stuff and you would be amazed by the results. Adhering to the following steps will let you know how you can clean your Moroccan rug – at home.


How To Clean Your Beautiful Moroccan Rug?

As Moroccan rugs are made from sheep wool by handweaving by the Berber Artisans, they are undoubtedly colorful. They provide an essence of beauty to your home and enhance the overall look.
But what if something spills over them from your children or your guests on your Moroccan Rug mistakenly and you are worrying if it didn’t go. Don’t worry we have your back.
First of all, you need to keep certain things in mind. You just don’t have to risk applying any harsh liquid on your Moroccan Rug as they can bleed colors if you do so. Plus, you don’t need to apply your cleaning tactics all over your Moroccan Rug. Therefore, focus on the spot only to clean the stain. Here’s what you can do.

Suggestions And Recommendations To Clean Your Moroccan Rug
To check if your Moroccan Rug doesn’t bleed colors, perform a simple test.
Grab some wet paper towels and put them on the different colored parts of your rugs. If you don’t see the colors of your rug coming out on the towel, then you can move to the next steps carefree.
Go to your kitchen and grab some ingredients from your cabinet. You would need:

-    Half teaspoon of mild dish washing liquid
-    Half cup of White Vinegar
-    Two cups of plain water
Mix the ingredients all together nicely. Take a clean dry cloth to blot it in the solution and press on the carpet where you see the spot/s. Squeeze it out with another cloth immediately as leaving the vinegar water on the carpet for a long time can affect your rug’s color.
Put your rug in the sunlight for a day or two for drying completely.


How To Keep Your Moroccan Rug Clean?

It is important to keep your Moroccan Rug clean. They are not delicate but their colors maybe. The serenity they offer in your home can be fade away if they are not kept clean properly. As Moroccan Rugs are mostly kept in light-colored base, this is why in a home setting where there’s a lot of traffic, they get dirt and footprints easily.
To keep them clean and fresh as new for a longer time, all you need to do is to keep vacuuming them. For stubborn stains, you can apply the above-mentioned formula.

Keep in mind that the more you care about your Moroccan Rugs, the more they stay.